Playfully Askew

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As Mantis breathed out, Jaunty breathed in, inhaling the steam from the taller bot and letting it warm his lungs. It was a small action, but he loved the feeling of having a part of Mantis inside him.

He tilted his head slightly and looked down to see the hand on his thigh, tensing slightly when its claws shredded his pants and the soft metal of his leg. “O-oh… Now this is more like it…” A moment later, the pain of having his thigh cut into hit him and he quietly whined, unconsciously flinching as the hand rose higher.

He watched as it grazed past the vent on his thigh and he choked back a scream, quivering from the unexpected pain. When it finally stopped, resting high on his leg, he couldn’t help the quick twitch of his hips, his body wanting something his mind didn’t fully understand yet. “…Keep going.”

A Summer at Jaunty’s


Walle noticed how the cube dimmed when Robert left. He stayed by it, curious to see if it will come alive again when Robert returned.

If Shojo were standing she’d surely have fallen by now. Being in that dark basement with no air flow and having something attack her made her quite frightened. She scooted closer to Jaunty as she read, wanting to be near someone she trusted. She gasped and pulled Jaunty’s arm to alert him.

"Jaunty, look at this! I bet you anything that that metal liquid thingy in that box is what they’re talking about here. And look, a new clue! Brook Glen," she read aloud. “I wonder where that i- wait. Highly toxic??" She looked down at her arm again, turning it over and frowning at it.

When Robert came back, the box did go back to glowing pleasantly, dimming only slightly after he passed it. He cautiously stepped over to Shojo, offering her the glass of water. “Here you are, dear… I hope you’re alright. No more fainting or anything, if you can help it.” He chuckled, but it was rather nervous. His guests’ comfort, as well as his own, was quickly becoming priority.

At Shojo’s insistence, Jaunty put his attention to her and her book, his eyes skimming the page. “Huh? Brooklyn?” he asked confusedly. “That’s in N-New York, silly!” He gave Shojo a playful hit to her shoulder, laughing at her. He all but ignored the comment about the toxic substance, not seeming to understand the issue.

By this point, Jaunty had stopped looking through his book as it had started to bore him. Sure, there were a bunch of pictures, but hardly any words to go with them. Pretty useless, all things considered. He decided listening to Shojo was a better choice, but he kept the book open. The page it was turned to had a hand-drawn image of some strange plant on the left while on the right was a crude map of the world, lightly shaded in on various spots.

Walle lets Coy lead him away, not minding leaving the room. ºI-I-I understand,º he stammered, wiping away Jaunty's kisses. He stayed outside while Shojo stayed with Jaunty, continuing to pet his head and shushing him quietly. "It's okay Jaunty, it's gonna be okay," she cooed. She needed to distract him. "Hey, Jaunty, guess what?" She smiled down at him and brought his hand up to touch her abdomen. "I'm pregnant," she whispered.

Once out of the room, Coy quickly shut the door behind him, leaning against it as he sighed. He gave Walle a once-over, shook his head lightly, and his eyes darted up to the ceiling for a moment as if he were silently asking some imaginary being if they were witnessing what he had to deal with. Once composed again, he took his weight off the door and smiled at Walle. “I’m going to have to ask. You to keep your voice down. As well. At least until. This blows over.”

Jaunty was shivering in Shojo’s arms, but he seemed much calmer now that Walle was out of his sight. Her touches were oddly soothing, more so than usual, and had he been in a clearer state of mind he may have wondered if having skin and nerves had something to do with it.

"W-w-wait… You say… a baby…? A baby? A baby!" At her news, he craned his neck up to look at her, giving her a bright grin, before grimacing and laying his head down again, putting a hand to the back of his neck. Stupid bones. “Oww… but that is gr-great news, miss Shojo…" He smiled and lightly rubbed at her stomach, almost expecting to feel an outline of a small human there.

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The normally very active racybot was standing, knees slightly bent, slouched over a little, obviously in stasis. With a hiss of steam he wobbled back and forth the faintest bit. Knee pistons shifted, bouncing the bot’s chassis a little. He was wearing a his fedora, a blue tie, and his black slacks - no shoes. Whatever had put him into stasis either left him half naked, or he was simply walking around that way…which honestly was normal. But why was he standing in stasis in the middle of a hallway?

It was a free day for teasing, er, visiting friends, and Jaunty had decided that he would try seeing Racy this time. After a leisurely stroll through the halls of the other bot’s manor, pocketing small odds and ends wherever he found them, he came across Racy standing rather still in the middle of the hall.

He stood, watching the other bot very patiently for a reaction, but soon realized he wouldn’t get one. Leaning forward, he lightly pushed Racy with a finger, seeing how the bot swayed at the contact. Could it be? In stasis and there for his taking? A huge grin sprouted on his face and he dropped to his knees in front of Racy, his quick fingers undoing the taller bot’s belt.

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"Jaunty!" Shojo kneeled down next to him, setting the first aid kit beside her. She scooped up Jaunty's head and set it in her lap, petting his head gently. "Did you think Walle was your Spine?" she asked him, glancing up at Coy to show that she was asking him too. "Or is this just the shock of you being human? Either way, it's gonna be okay, Jaunty. This must be a magic anon which means it won't last forever. Shh, don't cry."

Jaunty was oddly complacent, limp in Shojo’s arms and staring off aimlessly. Were it not for his raspy breathing, he could have easily been mistook for being dead. He sobbed once, dryly, when Shojo’s words hit him, and he muttered sadly in response. “I miss… I… I miss him…”

Coy noticed Shojo’s look at him and he gave her a meaningful nod before looking up to Walle. He didn’t see how Jaunty could mistake the two at all, but… His train of thought was lost when a sudden choked shriek from Jaunty caught his attention. Jaunty’s eyes were focused on Walle and he was expressing some emotion between anger and disappointment. In a moment, Coy realized the issue and rushed over to Walle, ushering the bot out of the room as quickly as he could. “No offense. To you. My brother is merely… Out of sorts.”

A Summer at Jaunty’s


Shojo nodded to Robert and sat down next to Jaunty, feeling a little light headed. She admired the age of the pages and binding. She noticed the book mark and decided to flip to the marked page.

"Oh, um, Mr. Fiss? May I have some water please?" she asked politely. Walle let Robert look at the cube, staying close to it and loving the glow it was giving off. Shinyyyyyyy.

Jaunty looked up from his pile of treasures to see if Shojo was okay, tilting his head a bit to get a better look at her. She wasn’t particularly sick looking, and definitely not fainting, so she must be okay. Shrugging, he returned to sifting through books. He found one that intrigued him and he immediately set to flipping through it, a tiny grin on his face as his eyes scanned the pages.

Robert lightly tapped at the blue metal box with the bowl of his pipe, receiving a hollow ringing in response. He humphed and hawed to himself about it before he realized Shojo had been speaking to him. “Hm? Water? Oh. Yes. Yes, of course.” He took another long look at the box before heading to the kitchen. When his back was turned, the blue glow from the box dimmed.

The page of the book Shojo had turned to read simply:

Four days without Peter.

The new substance is highly toxic. Unknown half-life. DO NOT INGEST.

Prometheus to Brook Glen. Mathias is becoming suspicious.

Shojo nodded to Coy and took a deep breath. This was getting silly. Walle was definitely not having a good time and seemed to get more and more frazzled as Jaunty kissed him. Shojo took Jaunty by the shoulders and pulled him off, getting between him and Walle. "Jaunty, stop. You're making Walle uncomfortable," she said sternly. Then she blinked. "You do know who he is, do you? He's not The Spine. He's Walle."

Jaunty didn’t take too kindly to being grabbed and he snarled at Shojo until he heard her speak. Wait… Walle…? His eyes went from Shojo, back to Walle, and he furrowed his brow as he thought. Slowly, recognition kicked in. Then, sadness. His knees buckled beneath him and he sunk to the floor, rolling from his knees to his side, laying on the floor limply. “Oh…” was all he could say, tears starting to well up at the corner of his eyes.

By this time, Coy returned with an old first aid kit and carefully handed it off to Shojo, wiping his hands of dust. He then looked down at Jaunty, raising an eyebrow. He was only gone a minute and now look what happened. Sighing, he gave Shojo a tired look. “He’s been like this. All day. I can’t fix him. Can you?”